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Haier U-home Haier U-home solution is provided by Qingdao Haier Intelligent Household Appliance Technology Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Haier Group, providing services and solutions including smart home, telemedicine, cyber mall, fallback, intelligent safeguard system and smart hotel etc. Haier U-home includes community cloud solution, smart city solutions and CCRE. A. Community…

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Social Media Strategies for City U Life


City U Life is an online magazine, which provides contents about students’ life. Students, Alumni and potential students are the most part of readers. However, there are still some unmet needs from readers such as communication between students and alumni. Thus we are going to develop several strategies for City U Life. The main purposes and approaches of our strategy are as follows.

1) Developing an mobile Application and adding Social Network accounts as user accounts to reduce readers’ cost.

2) Using API and SDK of Social Network like Facebook and Linkedin to improve share, publish and comment functions of our contents.


With Social Network accounts and app, students can easily reach their friends by using recommendation function to invite them join City U Life. Not only can we ask students to invite friends, but also show them users of our magazine whom they know in their real life by filtering their SNS friends list. This a low cost ‘friend’ social media strategy and as a result, we gain more readers and students’ breadth cost get reduced.


Alumni is also part of our readers but often get ignored. Successful alumni can provide advises and experience on job-hunting and career developing. Linkedin encourage users to publish articles about business and career, so why not link them to City U Life? By synchronizing articles our alumni published on Linkedin through API, students can get first hand information and alumni will have further communication with younger generation. Furthermore, students are easily contacts alumni in different business fields by comments and sending message and emails. This is a differentiated ‘meet’ strategy for students to establish their network, while low cost ‘meet’ strategy for alumni whose display & communication cost get reduced and influence increased. Meanwhile, our editors will get plenty materials for career and provide more useful information for students.


We will encourage students and associations in CityU to write articles about their school life including study, activity and etc. Readers can subscribe articles in different filed like sports and we will push articles to them through our app. Then they can share articles to different Social Network and media platform through our share function. In this way, associations can broadcast activities they organized to reduce communication cost, while students who are interested will have less search cost when they want to meet people who have same interests. As for City U Life, exposure in different SNS platform is a kind of marketing promotion. High-quality articles will bring us more readers and influence.

Six IOT Technology Examples of Smart Home — Smart Home

Some survey data shows that, in coming future (2025), IOT technology will be everywhere permeating into people’s lives. In this case, you will hardly to find a single product which does not connect to the Internet. It means that, we may can use telephone to control all personal actual products. Isn’t that really awesome? So,…

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INDUSTRY 4.0 and SMART HOME — Smart Home

The term “Industry 4.0” originates from a project in the high-tech strategy of the German government, which promotes the computerization of manufacturing. The first industrial revolution mobilized the mechanization of production using water and steam power. The second industrial revolution then introduced mass production with the help of electric power, followed by the digital revolution and the…

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Can Tweets from Kai-Fu Lee Tell Us the Trend of Social Network?


On 15th March 2016, Kai-Fu Lee post a tweet on Sina Weibo saying the same thing that he has been posted twice before. It is about how to deal with arguments between couples – “Listen to husband’s when share same opinion, while listen to wife’s when have different opinions”. As the former vice president of Google and also Microsoft, Kai-Fu Lee is now the CEO of Founder of Innovation Works. Three times, he post one same tweet, but the influences among fans are different. Can those 3 tweets tell us the trend of users’ behavior on Weibo?


20th December 2010, 19th October 2012 and 15th March 2016, the three posts share same content but have different effects on numbers of like-click, repost and comment. Number of Like-click experienced a dramatically increase compared repost and comment. Moreover, there is a huge decrease on numbers of repost from 2012 to 2016. Do users prefer like-clicking more than repost? However, you may wonder that 3 tweets as sample is not enough.


From annual reports of Weibo, active users are continually increasing. Lee is still one of the opinion leaders who has powerful influence among users. Thus, it is hard to owe the decrease of number of repost to fans’ less activeness. In order to figure out why there are huge different effects among the three tweets, I write a Python script to crawl tweets posted by Kai-Fu Lee that are available from 2013. and hope to find out trends of like-click and repost.


The line chart may be a little bit confusing to observe, but after adding trend lines, we can easily find that there is an increasing on like-click as time goes by. As for repost, it do experienced a huge drop until now. It seems that people are becoming more lazy than before, and they are more likely to click like bottom rather than repost tweets that they are interested. I also crawl other leaders’ tweets on Weibo such as Yao Chen, and results prove my findings. Then I upload this script to GitHub and if you are interested in your fans’ behavior, you can do your own test by running Python scripts.

GitHub: Weibo Crawler


Whether Social Media Advertisements Affect Purchase Decision-Making?

Social media is a kind of prominent social function of media, which is based on the social attribute of people, using the network to make the transmission of information tend to be more personalized and circles. In the consumer research field, the influence of social media on consumer behavior research has became the focus of attention.

Consumers participation multidirectional network communication structure has instead of the social media marketing’s traditional one-way communication. So the social media marketing is seen as a type of reputation marketing. The reputation of products (brand) is defined as: any potential, current and previous product (brand) positive and negative evaluation for consumers in the network. Social media reputation has become one of the important reasons that consumers’ evaluation and recommended goods or brands, particularly on young client groups.

More and more enterprises begin to use social media to spread products (brands), or to provide value-added services, in order to motivate consumers to increase products’ (brands’) comments, further strengthen their brand awareness and loyalty, gain more purchase frequency and the new customers. Coca-Cola launched a “share a bottle of coke” marketing activity on Facebook. Participators in this activity had opportunity to use Facebook private ordering coke bottle to their friends. After monitoring, the company found Facebook’s flow increased by 870% during the activity, the impression of brand media reached $18 million, while sales of coke increased by 7% correspondingly.

图片 1

Tencent wechat also has products promotion. During that period, there are three brands’ advertising in Moments (friends cycle) according to my friends’ feedback: BMW, Vivo (smart phone) and Coca-Cola. These ads did not appear in each user’s Moments, but through data analysis, according to the user’s smartphone operating system, age, educational background, geographical information or some other information to divide customers. To be short, that the appeared advertising represents your current economic conditions…

So in that period of time, most discussions were not the contents of advertisements and the products themselves, but who saw which. New messages were full of poor or rich sayings, and posted the advertising of their own pages in the Moments, contributed a secondary spread. Statistics found that the probability of iPhone users received BMW’s advertising was much higher than Android users, although many iPhone users also said they were “very poor” and can’t afford a BMW at all. Meanwhile, the Android users received Vivo and Coca-Cola advertisings’ probability was relatively higher. Perhaps there were ridiculing or showing off in those comments, but what can not deniable is that the purpose of marketing had achieved, and was not against by users, but involved them in the whole marketing system. It is really a good promotion, both for wechat and advertisers.

图片 2.png

So why advertisings in Moments did not cause users much bad feelings? The real reasons are as follow:

  • There is a “promoted” button on the top right-hand corner of the message, click on will display the promotion information provided by the advertiser. Of course, if users are not interested in, also can click on the “I’m not interested in” button., which shows “Advertising, also can be a part of life” t.
  • The ads’ frequency is very low. Low frequency advertising pushing ensure the user’s Moments will not be covered by advertising, which wont cause users’ bad feelings.
  • The advertising in Moments are well-made, no matter copywriting, planning, and the content arrangement. Through some appropriate interesting advertising creative, greatly reduce users’ exclusion of advertising.
  • The success of wechat originated in “acquaintance society”, based on the acquaintance social trust. If wechat users’ friends see ads and comments on advertising or thumb up, then the probability of friends see this advertisement will ascend, greatly enhance the brand exposure and spread.

Another type is the advertisment in the Sina weibo. It does not existed in the traditional way, but uses the fastest effective returns way——fans economy. The word started simply refers to the architecture on relationship between fans and followers of operating revenue, by followers are more for the stars, idols and industry celebrities, etc. Music is the most typical applications in the fans economy. In the music industry, the real contribution value comes from fans——concert tickets, music copyright and endorsements royalties and other income. For example, pop stars endorse a cosmetic, fans have a great possibility to buy, passers-by may buy or not. So in this process, it is hard to say whether it is impulse or habitual action.

Developing up to now, however, there are many special weibo marketing accounts and web celebrities are appearing. We don’t know whether they are real people or teams behind the account, they also share a cup of tea among the networking society. web celebrities post the products (more for online stores, wechat business) regularly, which drew fans rush to buy. This is one of the situation. For example:

图片 3.png

Another situation is receiving money and just promoting for promotion. Advertising does not have any relationship with them, but they write words to market just because paid by items. This should be the most unpopular way on weibo. Nonetheless, right amount of advertising has no effect on the growing popularity of bloggers, on the contrary, will have more advertisers to come and discuss.

图片 4.png

So as to the question of which stage of the purchase-decision making process is most affected by social media? It is really hard to say. There are a thousand hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. If I want to buy something, and I just saw the advertising, maybe it pushes me to buy it quickly. But if the thing just lay in my to-do list, there is not too much desire, even after I saw the promotions, I give it up. I do not know the boys, but for girls, who can define that accurately? After all,do not guess what girls are thinking~

War of Canteen


Every time someone wastes food in CityU canteen, there will be one starving in Africa or other poor places. Now it is time to fight against wasting food. War of Canteen, which is designed by our team, can help students in CityU reduce waste of food. This is a real world game that encourages every students to participate.


When walking into CityU canteen for a meal, you can see a QR code on each table. Scanning the QR code by our App means you announce to join the War of Canteen. What you should do to win this battle of against wasting food is just finish the food you order. After finish it, you can scan another QR code at recycle counter of wining side, which gives you one point in the War of Canteen. The loser will get nothing but guilty.


Download our App and show your confidence to win the War of Canteen. Logging in our app by Facebook account and Wechat account, you can also see how many points your friends get. Moreover, if you win 15 times in a week, a knight medal will be shown in your profile to award your contribution.


Olympic gold medal

War of Canteen is a long-term battle and we will select top 10 who gets the most points to show on our Top Board every month. Those 10 warriors will be honored and get a free meal offered by CityU canteen, while the last 10 is going to be servant in canteen for one day. The way to success is knowing how much you can eat and do not waste food.


Another interesting mode in this war is that you can challenge someone like your friend by setting a time duration of battle. At the end of your battle, our App will calculate the points you two get, higher one will win all the points of the lower has. Sounds interesting? Come on and join us by downloading our App from App Store and Android Market.